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Art & Craft Supplies

Acrylic Paint, Watercolours, Canvas, Sketch Books, Pens, Pencils, Easels, Stationery, Gouache Paints, Modelling Clay & Tools, Gifts, Wool, Knitting Needles, Needles & Thread, Haberdashery Supplies.


Lightbulbs, Kettles, Juicers, Steamers, Slow Cookers, Hoovers, Adaptors, Electric Blankets, Extension Leads, Door bells, Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Charging Cables & USB. 

Tools & Ironmongery 

Power tools, Hand tools, Mallets, Screws, Bolts, Nails, Electrical Sanders, Saws, Door knobs, Door Locks, Padlocks, Drill Bits, Tape Measures, Spirit Level, Ladders & Step Ladders,Command Strips, While You Wait Key Cutting.


Paint Brushes & Rollers, Varnishes & Wood Stains, White Paint, Outdoor Paints & Varnishes, Sand Paper, Decorating Tape and Dust Sheets, Poly Filler & Wood Filler, Caulk, Metal Paint.


Fertiliser, Weed Killer, Pest Control, Bamboo Canes, Oasis, Watering Cans, HoseLock, Hoses, Gardening Tools, Strimmer Wire, String, Plant Pots, Grass Seed, Seasonal Plants, Bulbs & Seeds, Seed Trays, Plant Colourant, Fence & Decking Paint, Soil, Hanging Baskets. 

Household & Eco Products

Batteries, Dylon Dyes, Washing Up Detergents, Cloths & Sponges, Stain Removal, Pest Control, Silver & Metal Polish, Pots & Pans, Tupperware, Baking Tins, Kilner Jars, Jam Making Equipment, Washing Lines, Clothing Pegs, Laundry Supplies, Bathroom Products, Oven Dishes, Toilet Brushes, Hot Water Bottles, Washing Up Bowls, Eco Products & Alternatives.


Flasks & Thermos, Folding Chairs, Camping Kettles, Tent Pegs, Rubber Mallets, Camping Stoves, Sleeping Bags, Repair Kits, Camping Gas, Torches & Camping Lights, Picnic Sets, Paper Cups, Ceramic & Metal Cups, Plates & Dishes. 


& much more to discover in store!


Hamfelds Home & Garden, Henfield, West Sussex, UK, BN5 9DB 


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